Simple to use

MyExtras is feature rich and simple and easy to setup and use. It runs is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with no software to install or maintain. Our intuitive user interface means that no training on use is required for teachers. You can setup your school yourself and as soon as you import your timetable file, teachers can sign in, view classes, generate extras and view bulletins.


Subscription rates are based on the number of teachers in your timetable file at the start of your subscription, renewed yearly. AUD $12 per teacher per year is the standard rate (e.g. 40 teachers = $480 yr) and includes full web hosting, PDF backups and email support.

Free Trial

A free no-obligation school trial is available for schools that;
(a) follow the southern hemisphere school year
(b) have a 5 or 10 day timetable
(c) generated their timetable with The Timetabler by Timetabling Solutions
Registration for a trial should be completed by the person in charge of the administration of extras at your school (typically this is The Daily Organiser or equivalent). This person should have access to both The Timetabler (Version 9 or later) and a published timetable file. The registering person will usually become your school MyExtras Administrator.
(Once a school is registered there is no need for individual teacher registration. When the school timetable is imported into MyExtras, teachers will be able to login automatically using their teacher code / password.)

School Registration - Trial: Step 1 of 2

Timetable Type

The Timetabler School Code (see right)

Your School Code can be found under "Software Settings" on the Welcome Page of your registered version of The Timetabler.
This will become your school MyExtras Administrator password.
You may use a Guest School Code if you wish.