Absent Teacher Features

unforeseen absence: provide contact details for the Daily Organiser.
view teaching timetable for any date: day number automatically calculated.
select & generate extra notice templates for classes needing covering.
allow class instructions to be added, saved to PDF and edited later.
allow student notes to be added e.g. medical info or classroom assistant roles etc.
caters for both typed instructions or optional lines for handwritten instructions.
allow files to be attached for viewing online (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, PDF, JPG, Zip & MP3).
extra notices viewable in either PDF or HTML format.
generate modified-timetabled extra notices.
request & receive e-Feedback on how the lesson went.
download backups of extra notices.
archive extra notices and feedback from previous years.
acknowledge feedback by awarding "thank you's" to the covering teacher.
statistical overview of your extras generated and feedback given and received.
app notification whenever you are listed as being absent / covered for a class.

Replacement Teacher Features

provide clear, accurate and professional looking extra notices that are easy to read.
access digital versions of extra notices for projection onto a whiteboard or screen.
optional text to speech function for electronically reading class instructions.
follow weblinks in class instructions with a simple click (no need to manually type urls into the browser address bar)
access digital versions via login, ID Number, QR code or direct link from bulletin.
view extras' bulletins for any date (archived or future dated).
submit feedback electronically for the absent teacher to access from home.
view recent teacher feedback on the class you are taking.
identifies lesson as being a double or split double.
store an archive of feedback you have given for extras taken.
access important information / documents (e.g. period times) for Casual Relief Teachers.
receive notifications (via App or email) of extras received when bulletin released.
app notification when you receive an extra.
acknowledge feedback by receiving thankyou tokens from the absent teacher.

Daily Organiser / School MyExtras Administrator Features

easy 1 file timetable import from The Timetabler.
remind teachers of the contact requirements for unforeseen absence.
ensure that extra notices are generated for the correct day in the timetable cycle.
prompt covering teachers with important reminders e.g. roll marking.
access and administer teachers' extra notices quickly & efficiently.
monitor feedback from covering teachers.
award staff certificates for providing feedback.
appoint access to co-ordinators to view / search feedback.
provide convenient access for staff absence forms.
send daily extras bulletin with direct links to extra notices (email, app and webhooks e.g. MS Teams).
forward date & view/manage extra bulletins.
release or withhold extras bulletins.
message staff with auto enabled and disabled timed messages.
auto archive of disabled messages for future re-use.
collate & email replacement teachers.
easy rollover to backup Admin/Daily Org during absence.
administer login details for CRT teachers.
store relevant information for Casual Relief Teachers.
built in redundancy with regular offsite extra notice backups.
archive school extra notices, & extra bulletins from previous years.
full ssl security
24x7 website monitoring at 1 minute intervals & access to offsite monitoring page.
statistical overview of extras generated and feedback given and received.
easy integration with existing intranet.