Portable Document Format (PDF)

MyExtras makes extensive use of PDF files for the saving, viewing and printing of Extra Notices.

Although some web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Edge and Chrome now incorporate a built in PDF reader, stand alone PDF applications such as Adobe Reader enable additional features. Most school computers would have this already installed.

Above is a test to see if you have a PDF reader on your computer. If not, Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website and installed on your computer (download button below).

Get Adobe Acrobat

Another excellent free PDF reader is Sumatra PDF. Though not flashy, it is a clean and very usable program with a good feature set.

MyExtras provides teachers with options for viewing PDF's as either "inline" (embedded in the browser window) or as a "download" prompt to save or open PDF's in their native application (e.g. Adobe Reader) on your device. These PDF viewing options are recommended by various experts on web usability (e.g. nngroup, ask-leo). It should be noted however that a downloaded PDF could be acessible by others using your device.

If you are a Google Chrome user, you may have seen a "Aw, Snap!" page (view screenshot) appear when trying to open PDF's. If so, Visit here to learn how to add a PDF viewing extension to your browser. You may download the recommended extension from the Google Play Store.

In case you don't wish to, or are unable to download and install PDF viewing software on your computer, MyExtras has a built in option that uses Google Document Viewer to display PDF's instead.